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Daughter of the Drow

Volume 1 - Elaine Cunningham
Beautiful as she is deadly, Liriel Baenre flits throught the shadows of Menzoberranzan, city of the dark elves. Amid treachery and murder that are the drow's daily fare, she feels something calling to her ... something beyond this dusky world far removed from the sun. Yet as she ventures toward the surface and the lands of light, enemies pursue her unceasingly.

And one enemy amy offer her the only hope of salvation.

ISBN: 0-786-92929-4  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR



Tangled Webs

Volume 2 - Elaine Cunningham
Exiled from her home, the beautiful dark elf Liriel Baenre wanders the surface world with her companion Fyodor. But even far from the dark haunts of Menzoberranzan, she is not safe from the vengeance of her archenemy. Even as she and her friend sail the dangerous seas of the Sword Coast, a drow priestess plots a terrible fate for them.

And in the depths of the earth, the spider queen Lolth weaves her own webs of terror and treachery.

ISBN: 0-786-92959-6  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR




Volume 3 - Elaine Cunningham
Crossing the wide realms of Faerūn in search of adventure, the dark elf princess Liriel Baenre and her companion Fyodor find themselves in the barbarian’s homeland of Rashemen. In a land ruled by witches, Liriel must disguise herself lest she spark the people’s hatred of dark elves.

Yet from the deep tunnels of the Underdark, glittering eyes and a mind twisted by malice are watching her every move, preparing for vengeance.

ISBN: 0-786-93184-1  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR

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