Buchladen • Forgotten Realms (US - Titel) • The Pools Trilogy

Pool of Radiance

Volume 1 - James M. Ward & Jane Cooper Hong
A possessed dragon commands the undead armies of Valhigen Graveyard and the beasts from the ruins of Phlan. Desperate, Shal, Ren, and Tarl join forces to deliver Phlan and the entire Moonsea from the dark possession of evil reincarnate... Tyranthraxus.

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Pools of Darkness

Volume 2 - James M. Ward & Anne K. Brown
The entire city of Phlan has vanished, ripped from the surface of Toril by dire creatures and magical forces. While the minions of the evil god Bane bicker over the spoils, the brave citizens of Phlan mount a stubborn defense.

A ranger-thief named Ren seeks his missing friends, Shal and Tarl, spellcasters nonpareil. Ren must band together with a mysterious sorceress, Evaine, and her intrepid shapeshifter cat, as well as a couple of droll druids and a fearful knight who is absolutely, positively dead.

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Pool of Twilight

Volume 3 - James M. Ward & Anne K. Brown
The holy hammer of the Church of Tyr was captured by the evil god Bane two decades ago. When Bane was destroyed, the relic vanished. The legacy of recovering the lost item was granted to a paladin before his birth.

Now the young warrior must fulfill his destiny and return the enchanted hammer to the forces of good in the land of the Moonsea. Danger, deception, and loyal friends will accompany him on his fateful journey.

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