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Sword Play

Volume 1 - Clayton Emery
Thousands of years before the Age of Elminster, dragons rule the skies of Faerun, and elves dominate the huge forests that cover the land. Only in the mighty, magical empire of Netheril are men a force to be reckoned with.

Bored and haughty in his midair castle, the Netherese mage Candlemas bets fellow wizard Sysquemalyn that a certain barbarian who has caught his eye can survive the most savage tests his friend - and deadly rival - can devise. The only rule: The tests must offer the subject some chance to survive, however slight.

Of course, "playing fair" is a concept as alien to the wizards of Netheril as "mercy."

But the subject of their wager, Sunbright Steelshanks of the Rengarth Tribe, has a mind-and a will--of his own. And Candlemas and Sysquemalyn are not the only players in this lethal game of swords and sorcery...

ISBN: 0-786-90492-5  /  Preis: ca. ? EUR



Dangerous Games

Volume 2 - Clayton Emery
Netheril, empire of magic, where wizards wield power far beyond the ken of mortal men.

Netheril, where citadels float, magic runs wild, and mages dabble in games better left for the gods.

Netheril, a place of dangerous games where the barbarian Sunbright Steelshanks soon finds himself and unwilling pawn in a lethal match of wits, wiles, and powers.

ISBN: 0-786-90524-7  /  Preis: ca. 6 EUR



Mortal Consequences

Volume 3 - Clayton Emery
The Netherese Empire will colapse in five generations.

A forgotten foe, armed with a hell-spawned source of destructive magic, returns to seek her revenge, and lost love is found in a most unexpected place.

Against a backdrop of war and Chaos, the barbarian Sunbright struggles to carve out a niche for himself - and his peopel - in a rapidly changing world.

ISBN: 0-786-90683-9  /  Preis: ca. 6 EUR