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Murder in Halruaa

Richard Meyers
In a country where impersonating a mage is punishable by death, Pryce Covington has a big problem, unless he can somehow unravel the web of intrigue surrounding a most perplexing...

Murder in Halruaa

When he borrowed a warm cloak from a cold corpse, little did charming, rapier-witted, ne'er-do-well Pryce Covington suspect that he would be mistaken throughout the Shining South for the legendary Darlington Blade, adventurer, wizard, and intrepid hero.

Pryce doesn't mind the red-carpet treatment he's mistakenly given, but he does mind that the penalty for impersonating a mage, even by accident, is death. He doesn't mind that Blade's recently expired teacher has a statuesque and skillful daughter, but he does mind that she has the suspicious eye of a Mystran inquisitress.

No, Pryce Covington doesn't even mind that he is getting in deeper with every person he meets, every word he speaks, and every move he makes, but he does mind that whoever murdered the real Darlington Blade is extremely dangerous and obviously has placed him on top of his "must kill" list!

Match wits wit Pryce, the bogus Blade, as he sleuths his way through magic, mirth, and mayhem to solve a baffling Murder in Hairuaa.

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Murder in Cormyr

Chet Williamson
Benelaius, sick of politics and his egotistical wizardly brethren, has retired from the College of War Wizards and taken up residence in a sleepy town in a remote area of Cormyr. There he enjoys his newfound time for scholarly pursuits and studies while acting as the unofficial magistrate for the townsfolk.

Jasper, a young thief in training, makes the mistake of breaking into Benelaius's abode on a dare, and now he finds himself as a magically bound legman and investigator for the wizard.

When a messenger from King Azoun turns up dead in the wizard's sleepy little town, it is up to the cogitating conjurer Benelaius to solve the crime, with the least possible interruption to his studies.

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Murder in Ravens Bluff


No description !

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