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The Thousand Orcs

Volume 1 - R. A. Salvatore
One Dark Elf.
Two Enchanted Blades.
One Unknown Enemy.
And a Horde of Invaders.

When a blood-thirsty band of orcs led by an as-yet-unseen enemy comes rampaging out of the Spine of the World, it lays waste to everything in its path. Dark elf ranger Drizzt Do’Urden and his most trusted friends find themselves in the path of destruction. As blades slash and feet trample, even the heroes may not survive a desperate stand.

ISBN: 0-786-92980-4  /  Preis: ca. 8 EUR



The Lone Drow

Volume 2 - R. A. Salvatore
Alone on the battlefield.
Surrounded by death.
Cornered by enemies.
And ready to die.

Drizzt Do’Urden has become an orc’s worst nightmare: a lone drow with nothing to lose and nowhere to run. As the North spirals into chaos and war, one dark elf has decided to take it personally, and it will take an army to stop him.

The Hunter’s blades have been drawn, and Drizzt will never be the same.

ISBN: 0-786-93012-8  /  Preis: ca. 26 EUR

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