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The City of Ravens

Richard Baker
City of Ravens launches a new series of novels featuring life in the cities of the Forgotten Realms setting.

Ravens Bluff, the site of City of Ravens, is a city created by fans and members of the RPGA (Roleplaying Gamers Association) to use in their club's Forgotten Realms roleplaying games. Many of the characters and locals in Ravens Bluff were created by over 35,000 members of the RPGA. This is the first novel to take place in and detail the city of Ravens Bluff.

For the first time in his perilous life, a young man's designs exceed his talents. His ambitions plunge him into the middle of a plot to destroy the city, a noble quest to find a lost hoard, and a conspiracy to seize the reins of power through the nobility's Game of Masks.

ISBN: 0-786-91401-7  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR



Temple Hill

Drew Karpyshyn
Among the dark streets of the city move thieves and cutthroats. And they don't like independent operators like Lhasha Moonsliver. But when she hires the town drunk as a bodyguard, she gets more than she bargained for. Together they'll have to battle the thieves' guild, the Cult of the Dragon, and other, darker foes. And a fallen man will have to remember the proud warrior he once was.

ISBN: 0-786-91871-3  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR



The Jewel of Turmish

Mel Odom
Alaghôn -- The Jewel of Turmish.

Preserving the balance of nature is a way of life for Haarn Brightoak, no matter what the cost, but even his dedication to the customs of the druid is put to the test when a long-dead evil returns to the world of the living. As this vile creature gathers its undead army, Haarn must decide if he will compromise his way of life to defend the city that has never welcomed him.

ISBN: 0-786-92698-8  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR

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