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The Soulforge

Volume 1 - Margaret Weis
This is the definitive story, as only Margaret Weis can tell it, of Raistlin and Caramon's youth, of their mother and father and wayward half-sister Kitiara. Life-long friendships are forged in peacetime Solace with the would-be knight Sturm, Flint Fireforge, half-elf Tanis, and everyone's favorite kender Tasselhoff. Against this backdrop we witness Raistlin's period of study as a mage and the truth about his harrowing test in the Tower of High Sorcery, the crucible that shaped him into the greatest mage in all Ansalon.

ISBN: 0-7869-1314-2  /  Preis: ca. 8 EUR



Brothers in Arms

Volume 2 - Margaret Weis & Don Perrin
In the fiery siege of the city of Hope's End the young mage Raistlin must leave behind his ideals to save himself and his brother. Yet as Raistlin and Caramon train as mercenaries, far away another soul is forged in the heat of battle. Another path is chosen, and a future dragon highlord begins her rise to power.

She is Kitiara Uth Matar, the twins' half-sister.

ISBN: 0-7869-1429-7  /  Preis: ca. 8 EUR