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Night of Blood

Volume 1 - Richard A. Knaak
This direct follow-up to the recent best-selling War of Souls trilogy deals with the minotaurs, a species with which the author is particularly associated in the minds of Dragonlance fans. This series will move the minotaur species to the forefront of the Dragonlance world, and since this is the first hardcover title that deals directly with the world-changing fallout at the end of the War of Souls, it is both a key title for Dragonlance fans and an excellent entry point for new readers.

ISBN: 0-786-93196-5  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR



Tides of Blood

Volume 2 - Richard A. Knaak
This second title in The Minotaur Wars trilogy continues the tale of the fallout from the end of the New York Times best-selling War of Souls series. Author Richard A. Knaak is particularly associated with writing about minotaurs of Dragonlance, making him the ideal author to move the minotaurs to the forefront of the Dragonlance novel storyline.

ISBN: 0-786-93637-1  /  Preis: ca. 6 EUR