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Volume 1 - Jean Rabe
How far can a hero fall? Far enough to lose his soul? Dhamon Grimwulf, once a Hero of the Heart, has sunk into a bitter life of crime and squalor. Now, as the great dragon overlords of the Fifth Age coldly plot to strengthen their rule and to destroy their enemies, he must somehow find the will to redeem himself. But perhaps it is too late. Downfall marks the return of Dhamon and other characters from author Jean Rabe's bestselling Dragons of a New Age trilogy.

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Volume 2 - Jean Rabe
All our hero wants is a cure for the painful dragon scale embedded in his leg. All his motley companions want are adventure and riches. Everywhere they go, minions of evil shadow them. Although he has sworn off heroism, our hero can't escape the horrors convulsing Krynn - or the betrayal that stalks him.

ISBN: 0-786-92718-6  /  Preis: ca. 8 EUR




Volume 3 - Jean Rabe
The final book in an exciting Dragonlance trilogy.

The tense struggles of the Dhamon aga series come to a conclusion in this exciting final book. Redemption ties up the story of a character introduced in the Dragons of a New Age Trilogy and meshes it neatly into the beginning of the War of Souls trilogy.

ISBN: 0-786-93006-3  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR