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Night of the Eye

Volume 1 - Mary Kirchoff
The Night of the Eye, the night when the moons of Krynn wax their fullest and bless the world with the most powerful magics. Meet Guerrand DiThon, a young noble who runs away from an arranged marriage to the Tower of High Sorcery, where he must take the test. However, he has made some enemies on his journeys, and one of them threatens to destroy him...

ISBN: 1-56076-840-1  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR



The Medusa Plague

Volume 2 - Mary Kirchoff
Bram DiThon, Guerrand's nephew is the only chance the ancestral lands inhabited by his family has. A mysterious plague, which turns all its victims to stone, is sweeping through the town. Bram leaves in search of his uncle: a search which takes him to Bastion, the last stronghold before the Lost Citadel. But Guerrand's archenemy looms near, ready to destroy everything.

ISBN: 1-56076-905-X  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR



The Seventh Sentinel

Volume 3 - Mary Kirchoff
A promise made by the Orders of High Sorcery many years ago during the Dragon Wars threatens to destroy magic on Krynn. For Lyim, the renegade mage, seeks to destroy the magic which he believes has betrayed him. Only Bram DiThon, nephew of Guerrand, can stop Lyim's evil plot - and he had better, before the gates of the Lost Citadel are breached.

ISBN: 0-7869-0117-9  /  Preis: ca. 6 EUR