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Dalamar the Dark

Nancy Berberick
A talent for magic runs like fire through the blood of the elf Dalamar Argent. Yet he is only a servant in the house of an elvish lord, not worthy of the High Art of Sorcery and denied all but the most grudging education.

Among the elves, servitors are not considered worthy of the High Art of Sorcery, but Dalamar cannot-will not-deny his talent. As war simmers on the borders of Silvanesti, Dalamar will find a way to become a wizard. His quest will take him along dark paths toward an awesome destiny.

ISBN: 0-786-91565-X  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR



The Citadel

Richard A. Knaak
Flying citadels bring unbridled power and threaten to destroy all of Krynn.

Castles in the sky... fierce fortresses floating through the heavens, their mission to rain down missiles and winged draconian troops upon foes.

A lone commander sets into motion a pact with a dark mage who has devised the ultimate fortress, imbued with power that has never been witnessed and an evil secret that threatens all magic users.

ISBN: 0-786-91683-4  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR



Murder in Tarsis

John Maddox Roberts
When the Lord of Tarsis finds himself with a politically volatile murder on his hands, he turns to the three most expendable inhabitants of the city for a solution. A mercenary, a poet-assassin, and a thief might not be everyone's first choice for detectives. But they find they're quite good at bringing murderers to justice. Perhaps a little too good...

ISBN: 0-786-91587-0  /  Preis: ca. 6 EUR



The Inheritance

Nancy Varian Berberick
Kidnapped by outlaws, an elven princess places her faith in her husband and the gods to save her. Lord of a ragtag band, her human captor has no faith in anything but his keen wits. The princess and the outlaw forge new definitions of trust and faith and from their love will spring one of the greatest heroes Krynn has ever known - Tanis Half-Elven, Hero of the Lance.

ISBN: 0-786-91861-6  /  Preis: ca. 7 EUR