Buchladen • Dark Sun (US-Titel) • Chronicles of Athas

The Brazen Gambit

Volume 1 - Lynn Abbey
Templar on the Run

Pavek of Urik, templar of Hamanu and lower-level bureaucrat, has grown accustomed to the benefits of his station. Neither aggressive nor rebellious, he accepts his position, follows orders, and doesn't usually ask questions.

Then one day he uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy the permeates all of Urik, even the ranks of his templar superiors, and now he is on the run.

Forced to flee the comforts of his station, Pavek must take to the desert in search of a new way of life and a new system of beliefs, or meet death in the blood-soaked alleys of Urik at the hands of those he used to trust.

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The Darkness Before the Dawn

Volume 2 - Ryan Hughes
Psionic Seduction

Jedra lives in the streets, Kayan in the temple. When misfortune throws them together, they discover psionic power greater than almost any other on Athas, a power potent enough to destroy whole cities. When the force proves too strong for them to control, they search for a mentor to help them harness their wild talent and use it for the good of their ravaged world.

The harsh environment conspires against them at every step, but so do their divergent backgrounds. Can a bond forged by necessity survive the cruelty of Athasian society, the savagery of the gladiatorial arena, or the simple test of time?

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The Broken Blade

Volume 3 - Simon Hawke
Sorak the Nomad

Sorak had known that discovering his past would come at a price, but he had not guessed the price would be so dear. He learned of his parents, of his slaughtered tribe, of the destiny he bears, but this knowledge came at the cost of the voices that had guided him across the burning sands. For the first time in his memory, he feels alone.

And still more will be lost...

Bearing Galdra, the fabled blade of elven kings, and accompanied by his love Ryana, Sorak sets out on a quest assigned him by the Sage. He seeks the Veiled Alliance in Altaruk, hoping to marshal its forces against a growing circle of defilers. But the legend of the Nomad has preceded him, and the defilers plan an end to the legend, and the Nomad.

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Cinnabar Shadows

Volume 4 - Lynn Abbey
Water. On Athas, it is life, it is currency, it is power.

The watery caverns beneath Urik have become a haven for political refugees and runaway slaves, a place safe from the ravages of Athas and her defilers.

Until one such defiler brings destruction to the haven. Mahtra, who fled sunlit Urik for the dark undercity, must now emerge to set all to right. But it isn't as easy as that. Her quest leads her to the palace of a sorcerer-king, to an ancient druidic grove, and beyond...

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The Rise and Fall of a Dragon King

Volume 5 - Lynn Abbey
"I, Hamanu..."

Hamanu the Innocent - his parents killed by an invading party of trolls.

Hamanu the Survivor - enlists as a solider, forging himself into the same heartless mercenary that killed his parents.

Hamanu the Victorious - powerful warrior-king, and scourge of the Tablelands.

Hamanu the lion of Urik, King of the World. . . and Dragon King?

He is the greatest threat to the city of Urik, and its only hope as well. Forces are conspiring to bring about a dreaded metamorphosis, and he is their only possible salvation. This is Hamanu's story... in his own words.

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